New Dawn new day, new Year Eve special service

Extended worship, Intensive Prayer, Welcome 2019 in Christ presence and power

The year is speeding to the end, we all had resolutions, some accomplished, some still in the making and some fizzled out before the first day of the year 2018. but through it all the Lord has been gracious. some  could tell of horrifying tales of what 2018 brought, but as I have said already, through it all Jesus our Lord is still King and indeed reigns supreme.

Everyday is a blessing, 2019 will be a blessed dawn for all who believe. Join us to welcome it with praises to our God.

December 31st 2018 gives way to January 1st 2019 it will be a new beginning. 

Monday December 31st 2018 9 pm to the New year 12 am January 1st 2019